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Mobile App, Contract to potential Full time as Employee #1 for this app

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$25 - $45 hourly
Currently have an app that was on the app store and then pulled. We are redoing the back end and updating everything that needs to be updated from the previous developers. Their stack is using some less than friendly pieces (GraphQL, Prisma, Expo) and we want to get them updated to a more common stack that anyone can pickup in the future when the app launches. I have been trying to find someone to update the app based on the current stack and customer realized they would rather take their time, redo the backend and have it functioning properly. 

This will be a contract position to get the app live on the app store... it could convert into W2'd employee #1 who would be in charge of the app maintenance post launch. 

New build will be be AWS, Ruby, React. Currently its Node.JS, Firebase, Heroku, GraphQL 

This is the current stack. App was built originally right when COVID started to cost was important which is where some of the choices to use some of these came from.

Heroku – Hosting for API, Web Admin and Database
Auth0 – Authentication
Firebase / Google Cloud – Image storage
Braintree – Payment
Expo / EAS – App build, submission, updates
Ngrok – For development, exposes local API
Docker – Local database, ngrok, redis (not currently used)
Concurrently – Development, spins up API, web admin
Git – Code is on Github
  • Built on node with express and Apollo.
  • GraphQL (only express route currently)
  • Nexus (GraphQL type builder)
  • Prisma (ORM), Database migrations
Web Admin
  • Built on React
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Apollo client
Consumer & Concierge App
  • Built on React Native and Expo
  • Tailwind CSS for React Native
  • Apollo client
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